Family Portrait Photos :: The Evan's Family


I love shooting families (in the good way of course)! The Evan's family are great friends so that makes it even more enjoyable. We actually did this photo session in November of 2007. I wasn't blogging back then so I thought I would share these photos as I start shooting Fall Family Photos this year!

The Evan's are an awesome family with a great story (that I don't have room to go into here!). They grew up in Belize as a family of 7, and I have had the pleasure of meeting all of them at one point or another. Mom and Dad still live in Belize with 2 of their 5 children, and the other 3 children live here in Nashville. So while they were here visiting, we took the opportunity to take some family shots with their oldest girls (Tanya & Nila) and 2 of their adorable grandchildren (Ella & Zoe). Even Grandpa Evans came along to join in the fun (the last photo with him is my favorite).