Josh + Bernadette :: Nashville Wedding + Reception @ Vanderbilt's Scarritt-Bennett Chapel + Susie Gray Dining Hall.


It's always nice to see two best friends get married, and Josh and Bernadette were certainly that. Their wedding took place on a beautiful fall Nashville Sunday afternoon at Scarritt-Bennett's Whitman Chapel at Vanderbilt. The beauty of the location was accentuated by the lovely flower arrangements and decorations that incorporated many fall well as a few pumpkins! But all this paled in comparison to the special love apparent between Josh and Bernadette and their families.

You see, they have actually been friends since childhood. When they first met, Josh was 2 and Bernadette was 5. Their uniqueness doesn't stop there, for Josh and Bernadette were the first Down syndrome couple to be married in Tennessee!

As the videographer of the wedding, I was able to be with them throughout the day and experience first hand many wonderful moments shared between them and their families. Josh and Bernadette's wedding was a real joy to be a part of. The photos on this page are still frames taken from their wedding video.

There are also 2 highlight videos I created for them, one of the ceremony and one of the reception. The song you hear during their ceremony highlight was sung by a family friend during the wedding, and it was written for Bernadette when she was a child. The video also incorporates some of the vows that were spoken during the ceremony.

They had some of the sweetest vows I think I've ever heard...

Bernadette, I love you. You are my best friend. These are my wedding promises. I promise to be your greatest fan. You can count on me. When you are sad, I will hug you. When you are sick, I will help you. If you get lost, I'll help you find your way. When you're happy, I'll be happy with you. I promise to be sweet to you. I give you my heart and my love everyday. My God, and my family, help me keep my promises, forever.






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