What our clients are saying about us...

Oh my gosh Andy, we LOVE our wedding video!! You did an incredible job, thank you so much! You captured the entire day so perfectly. I’m going to hop over to the Knot and let them all know how fabulous you are. Thank you!
— Anne (+ Joshua)
Hi Andy, we absolutely love the wedding video. You did an excellent job on it. Everything was just wonderful. The first day I watched the video 3 times. I was just so pleased with your work. We truly appreciate all your hard work. It was well worth the wait. Once again thank you so very much and we enjoyed working with you.

P.S. Our parents and families would like to say, “Thank you and job well done!!!!
— Latrice (+ Harry)
Andy, I really can’t thank you enough for what you did on our wedding day. Having pictures is great, but the video allowed us to see things in motion that we otherwise would have never seen. It really brought us to tears. You captured so many precious moments that we will carry with us forever and that we can now watch over and over again. So beautiful. Thank you so much.
— Clinton + Lymari
Working with AndyCam Weddings is a Great pleasure! They are one of the finest wedding video companies in Nashville. AndyCam Weddings also has different type packages to meet all budget needs and their creativity, professionalism, talent, and kind spirited personality are superior. I look forward to working together again in the near future.
— Helen Morisette (Wedding & Event Planner)
Hi Andy,

We received the wedding videos on Saturday! It was wonderful timing as we’ve been able to share them with our families. We could not be more pleased at how they came out! Everyone has commented on the editing and music as well as the professional presentation of your work.

Kevin and I watched it together alone for the first time and it was amazing to see how much I missed on our Big Day! I enjoyed seeing and hearing the wedding from start to finish, and to see myself ‘in the moment’ was truly something that could not have been captured in any other manner than your videography!

Thank you again so much for all of your hard work in preserving such special memories for us and the generations to come! Please know you have our highest recommendation should you ever need it!

Best wishes for a Happy New Year to you and yours,
— Paula
We LOVE the video! It is so amazing and we wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to do it. You did such a great job and it is something that we’ll cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank you so much for all of the work you put into our video and we greatly appreciate it....it brings tears to my eyes everytime I watch it and warms my heart. Thanks so much again, Andy!
— The Bowley's
Andy, I watched the video last night...amazing. I was in tears! Kyle absolutely loves it as well! Thank you so very much for making our wedding day so memorable and special! We will cherish those memories and the videos forever!

Have a great summer! Thanks again!!!
— Kyle + Jenny